Brock & Sarah | Dothan AL Engagement Photographer

I met Sarah a few months back through a friend. After chatting for a while over coffee I knew that it was going to be such a pleasure to work with this adorable little lady. She and her fiance, Brock, met during their studies at Troy University. After graduating, they both found teaching jobs in the same town. Sarah is a sweet kindergarten teacher and Brock loves to coach baseball. After Brock popped the question over Spring break, they began planning their December wedding. I'm just so happy to be a part of their love story.

I love doing engagement sessions. It is such a special thing to be able to see the sweet love between two people. Each couple is so different. Some have a loud, laughing love while others are gentle and unassuming. Each love is as unique. Theirs is nothing short of precious. I'm such a hopeless romantic and nothing makes me more giddy than seeing two people so happy together. These photos really show that these two are head over heels in love!


It all began in Troy...

I don't think you can get any more precious than these two photos here! Ah!!!

Oh, this one makes me so happy! Can't you see the joy on their faces? My goodness, they are so adorable!

I love this one because Brock proposed while they were dancing! So sweet!

I had so much trouble narrowing down these photos for the blog! They were all so sweet! I can't wait for their gorgeous wedding!

PS: Isn't "the dip" one of the most romantic things ever? I love it!


Things that make me happy...

1. Visits from my sister - Please come back soon sis!!! Getting dressed is so much more fun when you have an extra closet (or suitcase) to raid!

2. Taking photos of my sister - Hello, she's gorgeous!

3. Finding pretty new spots - We always have such a blast exploring fun places and just doing girly stuff. :)

4. Bike riding with my sister - Yes, a third of the things that make me happy have to do with my sis! :)

5. Date nights with the hubby - We saw The Hunger good!

6. House hunting - Rent? Buy? We don't know...we're just ready to get out of our town house.

7. Crafting - I finally found a fundraising idea for a we just need somewhere to go again!

8. Lunch with friends - I've been trying to do lunch with friends more since I'm at home so much. It's been good. :)

9. Fim - I have loved playing with my old AE-1.

10. Prints - I've been working on a little gallery wall of my work in the office. There's just something about having quality prints!

11. Sweet clients - I'm so blessed to have such amazing brides (and grooms!) this year. I'm incredibly thankful for all of you!

12. New business cards - Need I say more?

13. Coffee - I'm back...apparently I can't stay away.

14. Beach days - I'm determined to go more this year. I really need to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches nearby.

15. Toes in the sand - Ah, it really makes me so happy

16. Beautiful spring days - I feel like I could spend every day outside lately. Yay! :)


What's making you happy these days friends? I hope you all have a great weekend!