Honeymoon Memories

I can't believe our 2 year anniversary is ONE WEEK from tomorrow. Craziness. I was looking back through our honeymoon photos the other day and so many fond memories flooded my mind. We were so blessed to be able to go to the exotic little island of Curacao. Ah, I wish I could go back tomorrow! Anyway, I realized that I've never shared about our trip on the blog before, so I thought it'd be fun to reminisce. Here's a few snapshots of our adventures from my old point and shoot!

We literally had the best suite in the whole resort because of some precious friends. It was amazing. Yes, we woke up to this view every morning. I could have gotten used to it! We were constantly amazed by our surroundings. We really couldn't have asked for anything more perfect!

I have never seen such a beautiful place. It almost didn't seem real as we walked around. Of course, the fact that we were married and on vacation together didn't seem real either. Awesome, but not real.

I loved just being able to relax on the beautiful beach with my man. After all the stress of planning a wedding, it was nice not to have anything on the agenda for a few days. Plus, it was the one and only time I've ever worn a bikini and I was actually tan! Hehe.

There were iguanas and these pigeons with funny rings around their eyes everywhere. They weren't shy either!

One day we decided to venture into the capitol of Willemstad. This island is a little bit unique because it is officially part of the Netherlands. You can see Dutch influence in the architecture everywhere. It was also interesting to find out that we were a minority. Most people there were European. I think we met one other American couple. We joked about putting on our best British or Italian accent to see if we could blend in a little better. Although, I'm pretty sure our clothes gave us away as American...especially Jonathan's. Most of the other guys were wearing capris, or whatever they are called. Oh, and he was also one of the only men in swim shorts and not a speedo. So funny!

I loved all the brightly colored buildings of the city. We had fun exploring, eating ice cream and observing a different culture. There were also lots of obscure restaurants tucked away up on top of different buildings. We took a chance with several and the food blew our minds. It was so fresh! Ah, I'm drooling just thinking about it now!

On our last morning we hopped on a boat called the Jonalisa and rode out to a smaller island off the coast called Klein Curacao to scuba dive and explore. It was such a neat experience. I love being on the water! However, food + the ocean + movement + cigarette smoke = a very sick Jen. I may or may not have thrown up my breakfast all over the deck. Now I know that cigarette smoke makes me nauseated. Haha. I felt really bad about it. Let me just say that I'm glad people don't smoke everywhere over here!

The island was beautiful beyond anything I could have imaged and was relatively untouched. There weren't any "you can walk here, but not here" signs and we were allowed to wander wherever we liked.

In the middle of the island was an old abandoned lighthouse. If we were in the States there would have been a fence around the whole thing because it was so run down. Old boards and glass everywhere make it rather precarious. Did I mention we didn't have shoes with us either? We kinda left them on the boat. That didn't stop us from finding adventure though! The view was pretty darn sweet.

While looking around another couple told us there was a ship wreck on the other coast, so off we went. I really couldn't believe that such a mangled mess of ship was still there. It was like something you'd see in a movie. I loved it!

Ah, Curacao was so much fun. I'd go back in a heartbeat. I'm so thankful for the wonderful life we started together almost two years ago! I get so excited about celebrating our love! My sweet hubby won't tell me what we're doing for our anniversary next week, so I've been just dying to find out!!! Apparently, it's a surprise. All I know is that we have 4 days off together!!! Woohoo!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!