Things that make me happy...

1. Visits from my sister - Please come back soon sis!!! Getting dressed is so much more fun when you have an extra closet (or suitcase) to raid!

2. Taking photos of my sister - Hello, she's gorgeous!

3. Finding pretty new spots - We always have such a blast exploring fun places and just doing girly stuff. :)

4. Bike riding with my sister - Yes, a third of the things that make me happy have to do with my sis! :)

5. Date nights with the hubby - We saw The Hunger good!

6. House hunting - Rent? Buy? We don't know...we're just ready to get out of our town house.

7. Crafting - I finally found a fundraising idea for a we just need somewhere to go again!

8. Lunch with friends - I've been trying to do lunch with friends more since I'm at home so much. It's been good. :)

9. Fim - I have loved playing with my old AE-1.

10. Prints - I've been working on a little gallery wall of my work in the office. There's just something about having quality prints!

11. Sweet clients - I'm so blessed to have such amazing brides (and grooms!) this year. I'm incredibly thankful for all of you!

12. New business cards - Need I say more?

13. Coffee - I'm back...apparently I can't stay away.

14. Beach days - I'm determined to go more this year. I really need to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches nearby.

15. Toes in the sand - Ah, it really makes me so happy

16. Beautiful spring days - I feel like I could spend every day outside lately. Yay! :)


What's making you happy these days friends? I hope you all have a great weekend!