Things that make me happy...

1. Visits from my sister - Please come back soon sis!!! Getting dressed is so much more fun when you have an extra closet (or suitcase) to raid!

2. Taking photos of my sister - Hello, she's gorgeous!

3. Finding pretty new spots - We always have such a blast exploring fun places and just doing girly stuff. :)

4. Bike riding with my sister - Yes, a third of the things that make me happy have to do with my sis! :)

5. Date nights with the hubby - We saw The Hunger good!

6. House hunting - Rent? Buy? We don't know...we're just ready to get out of our town house.

7. Crafting - I finally found a fundraising idea for a we just need somewhere to go again!

8. Lunch with friends - I've been trying to do lunch with friends more since I'm at home so much. It's been good. :)

9. Fim - I have loved playing with my old AE-1.

10. Prints - I've been working on a little gallery wall of my work in the office. There's just something about having quality prints!

11. Sweet clients - I'm so blessed to have such amazing brides (and grooms!) this year. I'm incredibly thankful for all of you!

12. New business cards - Need I say more?

13. Coffee - I'm back...apparently I can't stay away.

14. Beach days - I'm determined to go more this year. I really need to take advantage of the gorgeous beaches nearby.

15. Toes in the sand - Ah, it really makes me so happy

16. Beautiful spring days - I feel like I could spend every day outside lately. Yay! :)


What's making you happy these days friends? I hope you all have a great weekend!


Sister date

The bond of sisterhood is something so special. I love all of my siblings, but my sisters and I share something unique. It's like you're in a secret club. I really am so blessed to have 2 wonderful sisters in my life. I love spending time with them whenever I can. Today I decided to take my littlest sister to the library for a little "sister date". We have a fairly small library in my hometown, but I kind of like the little rooms brimming with books. We did more goofing off than actually looking at books, but that ok. We found an old VHS of Snow White and my little sis had never seen it! (For shame!) Obviously it is my duty to show her the classics, so we had to check it out. In the end we walked out with 3 movies...and no books! Hehe. At least we had fun together! :) I'm so thankful for family!

I'll be back soon with a super exciting post! ;) I hope you all are having a great week!