You're Never Really Ready

You're Never Really Ready

Those words resonated in my heart like a loud voice in a cavern. The other night I was organizing my office while listening to some of Hillsong Conference on my iphone. Honestly, what could be a better compliment to clearing clutter than worship (and maybe eating a little tomato bisque)? After some amazing stuff from the Hillsong worship team I heard pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church utter the words...You're never really ready. 

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Second Anniversary | Part 2

The second day of our little anniversary trip was definitely the most fun. Jonathan and I both love animals, so we decided to visit the Atlanta zoo. There is a pretty awesome zoo where I'm from in Jacksonville, but this one really topped it in my opinion. What was the thing that sold me? SHADE! Hehe. I can remember so many hot days at the zoo as a kid, so this was very refreshing. Nearly the whole park was covered with trees. Besides a few groups of school kids, it was rather quiet as well.

Can I also mention how ghostly white I am! Whoa. Someone needs a least a little sun!

Some nice person gave me their extra stick to feed the parakeets. It would have been a whole lot cooler if I didn't have one growing up. Feeding Blue Bell the birdie was one of my chores! :)

This little baby gorilla was so cute. It kept trying to run away from it's mom, but she would sling him back up on her back time after time. The amusing show reminded me of more than one rambunctious little toddler. All of the gorillas were pretty active and walking around. Watching them was a super neat.

Alas, the kangaroos were feeling lazy when we passed by. No jumping. No little joeys in pouches. Sad, sad day.

After the zoo we hit up a local H&M (we don't have one here) and a phenominal stake house. We found Jonathan a sweet vest at H&M! You'd be surprised how long it's taken us to find one! He looks pretty rockin' in it if I do say so myself. Hehe. We left ATL with full bellies and some priceless memories. I'm one lucky girl to have my man. I'm so thankful.

Happy Wednesday!

PS: I am incredibly honored to have a recent e-session of mine featured on this adorable blog today! ;)