Message In a Bottle | The Story

I am a dreamer. There are ideas constantly darting back and forth in my head. Most of the time, my ideas don't get very far. They are either down right awful, just ok or don't work at present. Not all of my ideas will be brilliant, and that's just a part of the creative process. However, sometimes I find one that might work and go after it. There is nothing better than when it finally comes to life. That is exactly what has happened to me lately and why I am so excited to be sharing this with you today. A few weeks ago I challenged myself to tell a story with only images. My idea for it was in it's infant stages. I had a few bits and pieces and I wasn't sure how they could flow together: a story, love, a message in a bottle...I am a hopeless romantic at heart, so the idea of capturing love as it unfolded drew me in and consumed me. I have a growing passion for story-telling and I wanted to take it to the next creative level. Slowly the idea grew and became what you are about to see. I am  so happy with how everything came together. It's a piece of a love story from start to finish. I have my own thoughts for what happened before this story begins, how these two came to love, what the message says, and how their story continues, but I will leave that up to your own interpretation.

For now I invite you to watch as this story unfolds...the story of a message in a bottle...


The Beginning

The end.


Many thanks to Sarah and Dylan, my awesome models who made this happen! You guys were perfect and I can't thank you enough for going along with all my ideas and doing all the crazy things I had in my head!

Models: Sarah Davis and Dylan Gerard Girl's attire: Dress - A'reve Necklace - MKD Design Guy's attire: Shirt - Gap Pants - Forever 21 Suspenders - vintage FlowersSchad Florist Location: Huguenot Memorial Park

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