At the Capitol

Hey remember that time we went on vacation last month? Yeah me too. I'm just getting around to posting more photos! Oops! After spending most of our vacation in the Smokies, we finished out the trip by visiting my family in DC. I hadn't been to see everyone up there in 3 years! That's way to long in my book! My family used make the 14 hour trek from Florida to visit twice a year. I loved it. It was so different visiting without the rest of my family this time and with my husband. I guess that means I grew up or something. Anyway, since our trip was short we decided just to go to the Capitol for an afternoon. Though I've been twice a year since I was a baby, Jonathan only went a time or two during grade school. Poor little public school kid. Haha. We went to the new International Spy museum (which was awesome), the Library of Congress and the Lincoln Memorial. Ah, we love adventuring.

The Library of Congress is one of my favorite places in DC. Oh, the architecture! My grandmother actually worked there for a little while!

The Lincoln Memorial is one of my favorites. I love to stand on the steps and look across the pool to the Washington Monument. Unfortunately, the pool was under some kind of construction so it wasn't as pretty as I remembered.

After a long afternoon of sightseeing and sweating, my sweet cousins met us for dinner. They are hillarious. I really wish we all lived closer! Alas! 

Well, that's about it folks! I'm currently recovering from a wonderful weekend full of friends and family. Seriously, why can't all the people I love live in the same town? Boo. However, my sweet sissy just moved to college about 30 minutes from our place! Her first day of class is today! Now I just have to get the rest of them here...

I hope you all had a great weekend!