The Parkers | Countryside Family Session

There's something about a little family of 3 that I adore. Maybe it's because they're young or that everything is new with the first child. I'm not quite sure. Either way, this sweet little family of 3 has stolen my heart. They are absolutely precious. I knew Amy and Josh in college and now it is so wonderful to see where the Lord has taken them. Don't they have the cutest little guy? Oh goodness. His baby blue's and strawberry blond hair kill me! It was so fun walking around one of my favorite places for shoots - a cattle ranch! I'm so impressed that Amy was able to navigate her way through the fields in heels, and without stepping in a single cow patty! That's more than I can say for myself...and I was wearing flats! Hehe. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon together!

Amy and Josh are such a sweet couple!

Eli was so good throughout the whole photo shoot! The little man is a pro!

Aren't they so precious? I love this one!

Happy Tuesday everyone!