Will & Danielle | Jacksonville FL Wedding Photography

Before I even start, I want to say that any words I use won't do these two justice. Their relationship is one of the sweetest I've witnessed. I knew this wedding was going to be a beautiful one when Danielle and I first sat down to chat. I was swooning in my seat as she recounted different stories. My favorite by far was how they got engaged. (Besides mine, I don't know if I've heard a more romantic one!) Will planned everything perfectly. He took Danielle out on a boat and read her a poem he wrote. Close to the end were the words "I love you." They chose not to say "I love you" until they were going to get married because they wanted to make sure that it meant forever. I really wish she could sit down with all of you and go into every precious detail, because like I said earlier, I'm not doing it justice! It was an honor to be a part of the start of a new chapter of their lives!

PS: Just for fun, can you guess which ones are film? Happy Monday everyone!