Breakfast Buddies

Man, what I wouldn't give for this girl to live near me one of these days. Well, maybe it's good for the world that we're not. We get pretty crazy when we're together. And by crazy I mean dumb. Oh, we laugh at the silliest things that I'm sure are only funny to us. Isn't that one of the best things about friends though? I'm always so happy when she comes to town, or vice versa. Good times abound! :) This time we went to one of my favorite coffee shops in town. Of course, we could go anywhere and have fun. Love her! :) Come back to me soon Ashley!!!

PS: My awesome designer friend Jordan has a sweet feature up on her new blog, Create Like Crazy. If you're into anything from food to photography, you'll love it! (Jordan is also helping me rebrand my business! I can't wait for you to see her amazing work soon!)