My little brother Luke definitely got the "cool" genes in my family. I'm not sure how he got them, but he did. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to get passed down to the oldest child, aka me. I was the nerdy girl who was always in her room reading, journaling and making sketches of new designs for the JenChristine Boutique. Ahem, I was weird. Luke on the other hand does everything cool like being the most awesome drummer in the youth praise band, playing tons of spots and everything else that is awesome and rad. It wasn't always so however. I remember many a day when he ran around the house shouting  "Super Pooh Bear to the rescue!!!!" So not cool not cool. Hehe. He was the youngest of 4 siblings until another little brother came along 5 years later. I guess he had to get attention somehow! :) Now he's 17 and I can't believe it...he's practically a man now! These are a few portraits I took of him while I was at my parent's last week. He's usually the one I take with me for little photo adventures. This time we were scouting out a new gem of a spot! Yay. He was my second shooter for one of my weddings and he's getting pretty good at wielding a camera...and a guitar...and drum sticks...and pretty much everything else. I'm so glad to be the big sister of such a cool little brother. :)


Did your siblings steal your "cool" gene? :)