Photo by my sweet friend Lauren Kinsey

Tomorrow is this handsome hunk's 26th birthday. It's crazy to think I met him when he was only 20! I still remember riding bikes around campus with my sweet friend Ashley after Jonathan and I had just started getting to know each other. I remember the crazy "I think this might be it!" feeling. He was anything like what I thought I wanted and so much more at the same time. After 2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage I still feel the same way. I can honestly say that he makes life together a joy because he loves so well.

All my words seem futile when trying to describe how thankful I am for this man. I used to pray for "a man who isn't afraid to go against the flow, who does the hard thing and will follow the Lord's will no matter the cost." Jonathan is many things, but above all he is what I prayed for all those years. He is a bold man of God and I count it a privilege to journey along this path with him. I'm so thankful for to have been a part of  5 1/2 of his 26 years on this earth. We're just getting started with what God has for us! Greater things have yet to come.

Happy 26! I love you!