Vacation in the Smokies

Do you need a little escape in the middle of this week? After over a week with out traveling I'm ready to pack my bags again. (I suppose this Summer has made me used to continuously packing and unpacking!) Well, I have just the thing for both of us: our vacation images! Woohoo! Our trip was only a month ago, but it feels like forever. I always enjoy our time away with Jonathan's family. There is just something about being surrounded by grandiose mountains that makes me feel so small, but in a good way. We also don't have much internet access, so it forces me to put all my work away. (I did cheat once to download new scans...what can I say, it's like Christmas!) This year I decided to only take my Contax and Pentax...and I may or may not have taken my Pentax on a motorcycle ride on a road called The Dragon's Tail. I loved being unencumbered by leaving my digital gear at home. I'm finding that film allows me to shoot less and take in the moment more. The whole trip was blissful! Ah, I could go back in a heartbeat! Nature, family & food is a hard combination to beat!

Yes, I brought my French Press...hi, my name is Jen and I'm addicted to French Press coffee.

I also tried to take some time to refresh my heart, as well as my body. Isn't that the easiest part to forget? I hope to do more of it the next time around.

A few people bring motorcycles every trip. This year I figured out that I'm just not very adept at riding motorcycles. I didn't even pack the right clothes to wear...or good shoes for that matter. Maybe I'll learn one of these days. I was a little reluctant to go again this year, because last summer we met a torrential downpour for almost the whole ride. If you've never been on a motorcycle while it's raining, I can assure you it's not fun. Thankfully, it didn't rain this year.

These cute little guys live right next to where we stay every year. He's a very "special" goat.

There was some gorgeous vegetation around the property where we stayed. I'm not sure the name of these beauties, but they were begging to be made into a floral crown. I obliged. :)

Well, it's back to work for me! There might also be some baking later, because that handsome fella above has a birthday coming up! I can't wait to spoil him. I'm also prepping for a beautiful weekend in Orlando. If you're in the area and want to meet up, let me know! I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

PS: You can find the full gallery here if you'd like a print!