A Summer Garden

Recently I've started some gardening adventures. I've never been great at keeping plants alive, but I'm happy to say these little herbs are doing quite well. In fact, they are taking over the pot I planted them in! Maybe my thumb is turning a little greener after all. There's nothing like going outside to grab some fresh parsley or mint to garnish whatever dish I'm making! Hopefully we can make some larger planters this summer for more veggies. We have a tiny heirloom tomato plant, but I'm wanting to venture out a bit more soon!

Do you guys garden? If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences and any tips you might give a novice like me! Happy Thursday!

PS: Thank you for all the love on our anniversary yesterday! We are celebrating with a REAL photo session of our own on Monday with the talented Lauren Kinsey! I'm beyond ecstatic! :)