I don't think I ever lost my childhood imagination. Want proof? Let me tell you about one of my many crazy dreams sometime. Let's just say that the good ole Dr. Seuss and I would be great pals. My friends used to tell me that I should write children's books. Apparently, they didn't encourage me enough. Or, it wasn't my calling. Take your pick. Maybe my imagination is the reason I love children's sessions so much. I don't usually photograph much other than weddings, but I can't resist fitting in a few children's portraits here and there. When Silas' mom Jennings contacted me about photographing this cute little man, I couldn't say no! Really, who wouldn't want to capture that adorable face? Little boys are especially fun. We raced, danced, threw rocks, played with sticks, mooed at cows and made all kinds of fun noises. I had a blast. Here are a few of my favorite frames from our time together.