Why Your Wedding Photography Should Be Like My Old House

I fell in love with our home from the moment I saw it. The little white house with ivy growing up it's chimneys seemed almost too-good-to-be-true. My heart fluttered with anticipation as the landlord slowly unlocked the white wooden door. I love the sound old doors make when they open. It reminds me of my childhood home...sturdy and safe. The door opened up into the living room. We walked in and I fell in love instantaneously. The fireplace was the first thing to catch my eye. It was so clean, yet full of intricate detail. The craftsmanship was beautiful. My mind was flooded with nostalgia. I wondered what it was like to sit by that fireplace in The Roaring Twenties when the house was built. Then I glimpsed the chandelier. He stated, "It's original to the house." We toured the rest of the home, but I was already sold. There are some things in life that invoke those feelings and bring sentiment. They are worth finding.

A regular light fixture in our dining room would work just as well as the chandelier. They both work the same way and do the same thing, but they are not the same. I could find something much cheaper to get the job done at Walmart, but it's function alone is not why I love turning on that light so much. It's beautiful and classic. It makes me think about when my grandparent's were little. I love to eat dinner and look up at it's ornate design. I feel the same way about the fireplace. A regular brick fireplace would warm me the same and probably better that this one, but I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much. Our fireplace makes me happy just to look at it. I often brush my fingertips over it's elaborately carved  frame and admire the handiwork that went into making it.

That is exactly how you should feel about your wedding photography too. Find something that makes you feel happy just to look at it, something that will make you fall in love all over again with each glance and something that leaves you in awe of the creative attention to detail. Find art that will be classic and last through the generations. What qualifies as classic? It is something judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind, according to Webster. A great photograph never really goes out of style. It is timeless. Sure, you can go out and find a "Walmart" photographer that will get the job done, but that is the equivalent of putting a cheap fixture in the place of our chandelier. It won't look good forever, nor will it last much longer than a year or two. I believe your wedding photographer should be an artist that creates a palette of timeless, ethereal imagery that reflects the unique personality of your love. It should be so beautiful that it takes your breath away. If you feel that way about me, great! If not, I want you to find someone who does.

The other day I asked myself why I adore the fireplace and chandelier so much. I realized I love them because they are pieces of art that bring out sweet memories and beautiful emotion. That is the kind of craftsmanship I love. Just buying something merely for the sake of having it means nothing to me. I'd rather have a home with only a few treasured things inside than a house full of things that hold no meaning for me. I will always love the chandelier and fireplace because they make me feel. Will you always love your wedding images? You should.