He's not done yet

On Sundays I have the privilege of leading worship with my husband and other amazing band members at our church. It is an incredible honor and something I know I have been called to do. Today I was able to lead a song in our set. I wish I could say it went well, but in all honesty I messed up the words of the first verse…bad. I haven't done anything like that in a long time. Its very humbling and embarrassing to make mistakes in front of people. It happens sometimes. I know it's part of life, but it doesn't mean I feel good about it. In those moments it's easy to think, "I am just not cut out for this. This will never go anywhere." About half way through the sermon I started thinking about my mistake again and how horrible it was when God gave me a beautiful reminder. He said, "I'm not done with you yet."

All of the sudden I remembered the night He revealed part of His purpose for my life in regard to worship. I remembered when He showed me how He prepared me for that moment and gave me a vision for His plan. I had no idea what God was going to do. I didn't feel extremely talented or ready for the challenge, but I knew He'd work it out. I've come a long way from where I was as a 16 year old girl. "I'm not done yet, child." He said again, "I've brought you this far, but I'm not done yet. You can't see what I see. You don't know all I'm going to do. I'm not done yet."

I wanted to ball right there in the service. Those little words "I'm not done yet" brought so much encouragement to my heart. The purpose He has for me is not yet completed. I still have work to do. I'm not done growing, stretching or learning. He has more in store than I can fathom. He's not done showing Himself to me. He's not done teaching me how to lead His people in worship. He's not done growing my little business for His glory. He's not done stretching my faith. He's not done cultivating my love for Him. He's not done with what He wants to do in and through me. He's not done! 

I don't know where you all are right now, but I just want to pass on the encouragement. Just know, He's not done with you. If your heart is still beating, He has more! God has a purpose for your life and He wants to fulfill it. Don't give up. Don't lose heart. Seek Him. He's not done yet.

"The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me." - Psalm 138:8