Weekend Snippets | Volume 1


One of the things I love most about my job is the opportunity to travel. Sure, it can get old, but there is one place that never tire visiting - my hometown. I love Jacksonville. There are so many different areas to explore. This weekend I got to visit some of my old favorites and also found some new places! I'm a "get out and see things" for fun kind of gal, so ate it up! Having my hubby there with me is the only thing that could have made it better. Still, my wonderful family and sweet friends come in a very close second. Anyway, it was a jam-packed few days. Here are a few snippets...


On Friday morning I got to take my little brother's senior photos. (Hold on, what? How did he get all grown up?) It's always a blast working with my own family. We went all over downtown Jax, but my favorite was on the top of a parking garage. Yeah, that's him standing on the ledge.


Of course, there had to be some silly ones! Haha. This is the 10th time I've looked at this photo and died laughing!


Later on, I drove over to the historic city of St. Augustine for a wedding consolation. It's only about 30 minutes from Jax, but I don't get to go nearly enough! I guess it was an ok alternative to being at my own home. (Wink, wink.) 


This is one of my favorite spots at Castillo de San Marcos. I'd love sit there with a book and watch the sailboats come and go for hours. It's such a peaceful spot...well, except when the cannons go off at the fort!


I'm kind of obsessed with all the cute doors and windows in St. Augustine. I know new doors and windows are more energy efficient and all, but I just love all the character found in old things.


There are about 10 little ice-cream and gelato shops on the main historic street. You can smell the freshly baked waffle cones for miles. Yep, I'm pretty sure Heaven is going to smell like that little street. Actually, I'm sure it will be better...which just blows my mind.


Adieu until tomorrow my friends! I'll be back with my adventure to a new spot with an old friend. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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