Jimmy & Katelyn | Downtown Jacksonville FL Engagement


I can hardly believe I'm even writing this post today. I'm flabbergasted that these two are old enough to get married. I've known Jimmy since he was in diapers and our families were very close growing up. I wish I could show you some old home movies of me bossing him around. Being the oldest of the crew, I referred to him as "son" like the grown ups did. One particular time we were jumping off a bed into a nest of pillows while my dad video-taped our activities. Poor things, they didn't know I was the star of the show (at least in my own mind). Jimmy was in my way, so I gently said "Move out of the way Jimmy. Get out of the way, son." in order to take my rightful place in the limelight. At least I was a nice bossy kid, right? I think it counts for something. Now as their photographer I still get to be sort of bossy in a way! (You know, for posing and such...of course. Wink, wink.) Silliness aside, I can't express how much joy it brings me to be a part of Jimmy & Katelyn's story. It made me tear up to hear how God brought them together. Not much will make me cry, but God-written love stories do for sure. Jimmy, you snagged quite the catch! Katelyn is so sweet, has the most amazing smile and is a Jacksonville native. That's my kind of gal right there! I can wait for you guys to see how beautiful their big day will be this August, but for now here are some images to help bide the time.


I never mentioned that this day was freezing and windy! (Say what? Florida get's cold? Apparently so.) Poor Katelyn was so cold, but you'd never know it. I also ran into them at Passion, out of 60 thousand people no less! We froze to death then too.

Happy Thursday friends!

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