The Bridal Booklet & a Style Me Pretty Feature



I leisurely sipped my Starbucks latte while walking through the magazine isles at Barnes & Noble. My pace became even slower as I walked past the bridal magazines. Their allure was just to much to resist. The elegant dresses, superlative florals and dazzling celebrations of love were so enthralling. I didn't really think much about the minutia of my own day. I just loved to dream about "one day"...After my prince suddenly (and unexpectedly) swept me off my feet and gave me a sparkling diamond ring, I couldn't wait to go purchase my first wedding publications. It's just one of those things that says "I'm really a bride now!"

In leu of that feeling I wanted to create something for my own brides. (I mean really, can a bride have too many wedding magazines? I think not!) Thus, I am so thrilled to reveal The Bridal Booklet! Choosing someone to capture all those exquisite and intimate details of your day, like what you see on those lovely pages you peruse, is a big deal. It's arguably the most important decision you'll make in planning your big day! I hope I can make this part of the process easier for you. This little booklet lets all you prospective brides know more about what it's like to have me as a part of your vision for you wedding. There's also a few other things too! I loved getting wedding magazines so much that I thought it's be a fun element to add to my consultations! (Plus, I adore my past brides and grooms so much that I wanted to have a place to look at their photos all the time!)

I can't show you all of it, because that would ruin the surprise for my girls wouldn't it? However, I'm to excited not to show you guys a little bit. (Wink, wink.) My sweet designer friend Jordan did such a wonderful job on the whole thing. I just love her.


This is undoubtedly my favorite portion of this beautiful sonnet. I have a poet's soul, so I'm so glad we included it somewhere. :)


 PS: My sweet bride Jenessa has her ravishing bridal session in St. Augustine featured on Style Me Pretty today! She looks drop dead gorgeous and very reminiscent of a fairy-tale princess! You don't want to miss it!

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