I'm missing my green thumb...

Hi, my name is Jennifer and someone murdered my succulents. See these cute little guys? Don't be deceived by their good looks in the photos. They don't look like that anymore. Someone killed them. I was devastated when I came home to find them wilted last week. I don't know who would hurt such cute, innocent little things. I'm convinced some evil creature broke in to our house and committed the unspeakable deed. What? That sounds fishy to you? Ok I admit it. I killed them. I tried to care for them and give them lots of love. Maybe I smothered them? I'm not sure. I just couldn't help it. They're too cute! I thought I might be able to handle a few of these babies. Obviously, I was dead wrong...quite literally...they're dead and I am wrong.

I need help people. I thought succulents were supposed to be easy peasy, which would be why I even attempted to dabble with plants! Apparently I was born without a green thumb. It's tragic, really. If any of you cared to lend me yours, both me and my little succulent babies would be greatly appreciative.

Happy Thursday. That is all.