The cutest family you ever did see...

I am officially smitten with this adorable family. I met Chelsea a few months ago and we clicked immediately. She's a talented fellow photographer and creative genius, plus she's super sweet. Together she and her video-wizard hubby can do just about anything. I was so flattered when she asked me to do a session with her cute little family. I had a feeling that I was going to love the outcome...and I wasn't wrong. I thought it might be a little intimidating doing a session with people that knew all about my craft. Um, hello nerves! On the way there I thought, "man, I'm not sure if my tricks will work because they probably know them all!" However, it turned out that they were the easiest family ever to photograph. And by easy I mean easy as pie, easy as taking candy from a baby, easy peasy, easy as 1, 2, get the picture. They were so awesome that we got all of these images in 30 minutes. That never happens, never! Anyway, I'll quit babbling and let you look these precious folks. Watch out though, because baby Nona Mae is cute enough to kill. You've been warned!

Hi, my name is Nona Mae and I am adorable.

Melt my heart! How sweet are these?!?!

Oh yeah, I'm a big girl. Look at me and my bad self!

A mother's love is so sweet...

Yep, my parents are pretty crazy about me. I mean, wouldn't you be too? Duh.

Quit being so adorable you love birds!

That last one steals my heart every time I see it. The reason is because their love for each other is so apparent. One of the neatest things about my job is that I get to create representations of people through images. Their emotions, personalities and character are what makes a photo beautiful and captivating. When there's love, it's evident. It compels the viewer. I can't create love when it's not there. I can't put joy where there is none. The most beautiful images are because of the bond that's in your hearts. All I do is bring it out for you to keep forever. :)