Make me swoon...our love shoot

Have you ever seen a photo that expressed so much more than you could ever say? Our engagement photos are as such to me. When I look at them, rivers of emotions flood my heart. They are priceless to me. I remember looking at my then fiance and feeling so much love...those feelings still radiate from the images. I am grateful to T2 Photography for capturing these priceless moments and I am so excited to share them with you all!
Check out their websiteblog and facebook page. It will be well worth your time!
I feel so secure with him next to me.

Right here is my favorite place to be in the world.

He makes me laugh so much!

I can't get enough of my man playing and singing.

This I married a stud.

These photos capture a very exciting time in our relationship. If I'm not careful, I can try to make our life like these photos...which are pretty close to perfect. (Yes, T2 Photography is that good!) We will never be perfect, neither will our relationship. But I can cherish it everyday. I can choose to love and serve the man God has given to me. Sure, life will not always be as blissful as these images. Marriage is not about making us happy, but making us holy. Each morning I wake up and see these photos hanging on our bedroom wall and I am reminded of our commitment to each other. I see these photos and am recall just how blessed I am to be with such a wonderful man...
...which is worth more than I could ever say.