i was not promised

I was not promised riches
Nor a place to call my own
I have chosen to follow my Master
And He had no earthly home

I was not promised comfort
Or a life of ease all my days
Jesus calls for holy sacrifice
To give up wholly, without delay

I was not promised a healthy life
Or to live long before I die
In following I will suffer for His sake
And endure trials that pass by

I was not promised renown
No one may ever remember my name
My Savior's is the only one
Deserving of recognition and fame

But I was promised many things

An Enduring crown of glory
For those who faithfully run the race
Who live to tell His story

I am promised His Spirit
While I am here upon the earth
The Holy One resides in me
By the promised new birth

I am promised Himself
Eternity spent with my Beloved One
Is it not more than enough
To be given all of the Son

I am promised a Future
An enduring hope that never fades
A weight of glory beyond comprehension
All else will pass away

All else will pass away...