What To Wear | Engagement Session Ideas

Why is it that you can always find something to wear, except on important dates? I know, it happens to me every single time. When it comes time for your engagement session, you don't want to be scrambling. Here are some fail-safe tips for choosing a great look and some outfits to inspire you.


Most girls usually feel their best when they're a little gussied up. You won't regret wearing a little extra make-up and spending a little more time on your hair. It is also easier to coordinate well with locations when you and your fiancé are more on the dressy side. Go for something a little different that you might normally. This is your chance to go all out and glamourous! Don't be afraid of some elegant statement pieces! Also, you can never go wrong with a long flowy dress. It always photographs well and looks great on any figure. Choosing a free-form dress also ensures you will look gorgeous from all angles.


Looking for a gorgeous outfit but don't want to break the bank? There are a plethora of wonderful sites you can rent from online. My personal favorite is Rent the Runway. They have beautiful, couture items that you can rent for several days at a time. Plus, they send two sizes for you to try for the perfect fit. I am usually at a loss when looking for a specific color and fit for a shoot. Renting is a great alternative, and can save you the hassle of shopping.


Have a stylish friend? See if you can raid their closet. This little tip was my saving grace for our engagement session. (Let's not even think about the fact that it was over 4 years ago!) I was looking for a Spring dress in Winter with no luck. Cue stylish friend and the day was saved. Maybe you're not looking for the dress, but shoes or some other accessory! Ask friend!


It's always easy to leave the guy's outfit until the last minute, but make sure to put plenty of effort into his look as well. He should feel good about what he is wearing too. Plus, it is so romantic to see a well dressed man out with his girl. Maybe he can wear the nice watch you gave him, a dapper blazer or a trendy hat. Perhaps he wants to take his suit out for a spin in some as well.

Have any other specific questions? Feel free to ask them in the comment section! I'd be happy to answer!