Christmas Tree Hunting & Home Decorating


This year has felt extra special to me. Eleanora is at such a fun stage where all of Christmas is magical and wondrous. Our Genevieve makes everything sweeter and is such a joy to add to our adventures. This year Jonathan and I thought that the kids (mostly Elle) would LOVE to go cut down a tree. It was our first time, and it was quite the experience! We had never been to a tree farm, and in the deep south it was interesting for sure. Sadly neither of the kids were in the best of moods, but it was fun nonetheless. This is what I love so much about taking photos. Images have the power to reshape our memories. Eleanora will not remember her little mood, and honestly neither will I probably. What we will remember is the joy from the experience and the big smiles on our faces when we pulled this tree in our living room. Now, we ended up with a "different than usual" tree called a Leland Cypress, which has actually turned so lovely!   

Elle loved decorating the tree this year! It's so fun to see her explore what she thinks look good. She kept exclaiming, "Mommy does this look incredible?!?!" Of course it does baby girl! 

These girls have my heart. I cannot express how deeply I feel the joy of the Christmas season this year!