Sea Inspired

seaside (1 of 1)

seaside (1 of 1)

It is both a blessing and a curse to be inspired by one's surroundings. I am definitely affected either positively or adversely by the space around me. I have an enormous need for an inspiring space in which to work, especially since most of my time is spent managing things in my office. The time spent creating is only a small fraction of what I do. It's hard to constantly have fresh and new ideas if what is around is only distracting instead of aiding in the creative process.

Personally, I have found I am most inspired by the sea. It's where I drew much of my inspiration for my brand as a whole. It has and I'd wager it always will speak to me. I'm so drawn to the dichotomy between the calm and chaos of the ocean. It is both gentle and powerful, which mesmerizes me. It may seem almost effortless to find what truly inspires you, but I've found it's actually difficult sometimes. There are so many trends that I may have become influenced by unknowingly, just because I've seen so much of it. Weeding through what is merely a trend and what is timeless is not necessarily an easy task. A major focus of this past year has been to discover the things that really inspire me and align with who I am. Only then can I create something original.

Knowing this has caused me to bring even more of the sea into our home and my workspace, along with other elements that initiate creativity. Ever so slowly, I've been getting rid of everything that doesn't serve a purpose for functionality or beauty. So many times I have added mere stuff to fill a space without a reason. I've come to a place where I'd rather there be nothing if it isn't representative of what I find beautiful or inspiring. And lately it looks like the sea...

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