Birthday Celebration at Epping Forest

Lately, I've gotten into a really horrible habit of not taking any personal photos. I don't know if it's because I'm shooting so much for other people these days or I am content with my iphone. (Seriously though, iphones are so great!) A few weeks ago my mom took me and my sisters out for a fancy little birthday celebration. My sister-in-law Kellie and I share a birthday month! Going to the Epping Forrest Yacht Club on the St. John's river was such a treat. We were all so sad that my other sister Michelle couldn't come too. (We all blame her college 4 hours away.) My parents have always been so great at making us feel special on our birthdays. Whatever celebration we had ended up on a page or two in the family photo album. Although I'm sending these to my mama to put in her family album, I wanted to put them here in my little memory gallery as well. This girls day out was even more precious to me now that I live in a different city from my family. I come into town a lot because of my job, but I don't always get to see everyone. I know it's something I need to work on. Boundaries and time management, are hard things to master! Ultimately, these are the people I will wish I invested more in the end. Let's plan another day soon girls!

I hope you all are having a beautiful week!