A place to call home

November is a month for Thanksgiving. As we approach the holiday season (whoa, it's here already?) I'm reminded to be thankful for so many gifts in my life. One of those things is our little home. We've been here a little over a year now. I felt so spoiled when we first moved in! We went from a tiny little apartment to a real house! It's a little sad to say that we're looking for a new place after such a short time here. I've always wanted to live in an cute old home and we did! It has such charm, but is a little to quirky to be practical for the future. I will always look back on this season with thankfulness, where we were so young and finding our wings as adults. So much has changed in this past year. I feel like we are completely different people, and in many ways we are! I will always think fondly of this first place where we truly felt at home. I decided to take a few images to remember this season as well.

Do you guys have memories attached seasons of life to where you lived as well? Memories are such a funny thing. Happy Wednesday!