Jimmy & Katelyn | Orlando FL Wedding Photographer

Life is funny to me sometimes. There are so many times that I sit back to think, astounded that this is my life. Of course, I don't want to paint a picture that makes my life look perfect. It is far from ideal sometimes, but it is blessed. There is such a joy in knowing, "I was made to do this." When God puts a burning passion in your heart and purposeful work in your hands, it's hard not to take pride and find elation in what you do. (I truly believe everyone can know that joy too, if you seek Christ. He has a reason for creating you!) 

Jimmy and Katelyn's wedding was one of those days that I had to say to myself, "God you are just so good!" I grew up with Jimmy's sweet family and it has been so beautiful to watch how God has grown them. The fact that my sister and I were able to be a part of their covenant before God was more than my heart could take. You guys may not see this, but there is hope for our generation. Jimmy and Katelyn are proof of that. I know this is a post about a wedding, but their day was about so much more than pretty flowers and fun with loved ones, even though it was beautiful. They are the real deal. They are authentic Christ-followers and live with purpose. Their love is a representation of Christ and His Church, and I get to create art from that love! Maybe you can see why that makes my whole being come alive. Maybe you can even catch a glimpse of it in these images...

Jimmy and Katelyn, THANK YOU for having us play such a beautiful role on your day! It was a joy and a privilege.