I want to be a rushing river

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Last week was so beautiful. We were on vacation in the Smokies for a few days with Jonathan's family. There is nothing more peaceful than being overshadowed by grandiose mountain peaks or hearing the load song of a mountain river. It provided a wonderful time for me to think a little and for the Lord to search my heart. One morning I was listening to Rend Collective (they are a great worship band, by the way) and this line pierced my heart - "I do not need safety as much as I need You." I feel safe staying where I am, but following Christ is not like stagnant pond. It's more like a rushing river, ever changing and always flowing towards the Sea. I've been far too content to be like that little pond. I realized that I need Jesus more than the comfort of staying where I am. Someone once said, "You cannot stay where you are and go with God." Following Jesus costs everything. Still the price is gladly paid, knowing that all that I am and all that I have equates to nothing. He has everything, He is everything, and He is all that I desire. He has to be first or I will not have the power of Christ flowing like that beautiful river.

There were many things that I need to press towards. Here are just a few things I wrote down that I want to characterize this full and flowing life. Writing these things out helps me to keep focus when the mundane starts to stagnate my heart. Maybe you'd like to write some out today too. This is what a rushing river looks like to me...

  • The Word penetrates and overcomes every part of my heart and life and I can't get enough of it
  • The grace of God always overwhelms my heart and keeps me humbled before His feet
  • I give far more (time, energy, resources, money, etc...) than I keep for myself
  • I know, hear and follow the Master's voice not matter what
  • My heart bursts with new songs of praise to God because my heart can't help but to worship Him
  • I care far more about the inside than the outside
  • My husband, family and friends know that they are loved and I lay down my life for them
  • I value others as God values them; my heart burst with love, not judgement
  • My heart is broken for the lost and hurting
  • I'm not afraid to give what I cannot keep to gain what I cannot lose
  • My daily rest is found in Jesus; I have learned to stay in that place
  • I'm full of love that bleeds and is spilt for others, because Christ loved me first and bled for me
  • God uses my life and this little business to bring people to Himself
  • I'm constantly aware that I am bankrupt before God and that He has all that I need
  • My hands are dirty from service and I am never "too busy" for others
  • I'm content with who I am in Christ, knowing He has created every part of me
  • My table is always full, so that I may learn to serve and love people closest to me
  • I'm ravenous for more of Jesus every single day of life and I never stop pressing for more of Him
  • My priorities are set right so I can see Jesus
  • I'm not swayed by the praise or persecution of man, because I have the acceptance and approval of God
  • Possessions are unimportant because I know my true reward is in Heaven
  • I create in order to reflect the Creator, not for my own personal gain
  • I don't rush to move on to the next step, but remain grateful for this lot I've been given
  • My heart loves mercy, I act justly and walk humbly with my God
  • My home is full of joy and people find refuge there
  • I help raise our children to run after Jesus and lead others to do the same
  • I cannot help but teach others about the Kingdom of God because it has so taken a hold of me

What do you think makes up a life that counts, that rushing river kind of life? What would you add to your own list? What are you willing to do, give up or change to get there? I've had to ask myself the same question. Things will have to be shifted and possibly removed, but  isn't it worth it? I think so.

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