A Simple Truth | How To Live a Life That Matters


I want to live with purpose and passion…every single day. I want a life that counts. Most of us probably do. This isn't a new desire. I've always wanted to live with purpose. I just didn't know what it takes to do it. Maybe I thought purpose and passion would happen upon me one day. I guess I hoped it would come like a letter and say "This is your purpose in life, and this is how you accomplish it." If only, right? I'm not sure why I thought it was going to be so, well, BIG! And hard too. I've realized that it's not big or hard at all. In actuality, it's small and easy.

This is how you do it: do everything with purpose and passion from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow every single day. It's that simple and easy…it's just not that easy. I've come to realize that living a life that matters doesn't start with the big things, but the small things. For most of us it's easy to let life happen to us as we float along. We take things as they come and have nearly given up hope for change anytime soon. We're looking for the big sign, the writing on the wall or flashing lights that will point the way to our purpose. We know that Christ laid out what we should be doing here on this earth in scripture, but it just seems so ambiguous. Really, can it be that simple? Yes.

It really is as simple as saying, "God, I will ___(write this email, buy groceries, talk to this person, etc…) for You and Your glory. You are my passion and bringing glory to Your name is my purpose in___(whatever you're doing)!"

Do that and you will be a bright and burning flame. However, a blazing fire consumes a whole lot more energy than embers. I've found that choosing to live with purpose in everything is incredibly tiring. It takes thought and will power like I've never known. I have to depend on God's strength like never before. The more I've tried to live life this way, the more difficult it has become. Keeping the fire going takes a lot of effort. Sometimes, well to be honest oftentimes, I just get tired and wish for a day off from purpose. But even rest can have purpose, instead of mindlessly doing something that doesn't matter. Doing one thing after another with purpose and passion every minute of everyday takes a lot. I've learned that it's ok to start small, keep a small fire going, stay faithful in the little things and He will be faithful to sustain and grow it. I haven't figured everything out, but here are some simple truths I've found helpful as I strive to make each day matter for eternity:

1. Surround yourself with people of passion. They will stoke the fire when you are tired of burning. They will encourage your heart of the journey. Don't do it alone.

2. Clear out distractions. Get rid of anything that is keeping you from a passion-filled life. If it is necessary and can't be eradicated, limit it.

3. Fuel up at the start and end of your day. Take time to clear your head, focus on Christ, soak in His Word and pray before the day starts. Make sure to review the day, plan for the next and celebrate the small victories at night.

Friends, life is short. I forget that fact sometimes. Every day matters! I know I fail so miserably on a daily basis as I seek to live with purpose and passion in everything. I fail and fail and fail, but I can see small things taking effect. For the first time in my life I've stopped waiting on my purpose to come to me. I already have it, and you do too. So let's put our hands to the plow together and not look back by God's grace. Let's work on what is in front of us. Let's not wait on purpose and passion, because it's already here. Live in it. Start small. God will see to the rest.