I'm traveling...a lot this week! I'll be in Jacksonville, Georgia and South Carolina! Whew! I'm excited...about a girl's weekend with some sweet friends in Charleston! We've been planning this little trip for months and I can't believe it's almost here!!!

I'm enjoying...Spring weather, well sort of. It's still warm one day and cold the next, but hey, I'll take as much as I can get!

I'm sipping...on green tea with lemon and honey...still. I can't get enough tea these days.

I hair a little bit thanks to my sweet friend Ellen. No, that's not the new look pictured above. I guess you'll just have to wait in suspense until I can get a photo. Ha!

I'm thankful...for sweet friendships the Lord has placed in my life. Goodness, those girls bless my socks off. Some I've known for a long time and I see in person, and some I haven't even met yet!

I'm in awe...of what God is doing in our lives these days and the long-awaited visions He is bringing to life. He is so good. I'm excited to see the plans unfold.

I'm realizing...that I suffer from Chronic Rearranging Disorder. Ha! Seriously, I think something snaps about every month or so that makes me feel the need to rearrange my whole house. My poor husband comes home and everything has changed. Poor, poor husband. :)

I'm searching...for healthy meals I can make on the go. I love traveling, but I don't like eating fast food. Recommendations?

I'm finding...people who are like-minded in the wedding industry. I'm so excited about knowing and growing with these beautiful people who are passionate about what they do. Seriously, go check out Chaviano Couture, Liz Steward Floral Design and Amber Veatch Designs. I love these girls.


I hope you guys have a beautiful week!