Luke & Karis | Engaged

I am so excited to be sharing these photos of Karis and Luke today. I could have taken photos of these two all day long! They are so fun together. I am fascinated by how each love is unique and how every couple interacts differently. It didn't take long for me to find out that Luke and Karis are a blast. I was definitely swooning behind my lens while they danced together at different times during the shoot. Boy, are they good at it too! Their fun and sweet personalities also became evident as they shared their story with me a few weeks ago. My favorite recounting was about the night they got engaged. Karis literally didn't believe Luke was proposing because he had faked it a few times. Little did she know he had a romantic little picnic with sweet sentimental memories scattered on the blanket and their families in town to celebrate. Talk about a well-planned surprise. Major props to you Luke! :)

I am so excited about the beautiful celebration they are planning for this August! Until then, I'm going to enjoy these photos of these cute love birds...

Didn't I tell you they were cute? Yep, I did.

I am such a huge fan of springtime engagements. I could have stayed in this magical spot all the live-long day!

Karis and Luke, thank you so much for allowing me into your lives to capture the start of a new chapter. It has been a beautiful journey already!