An ice cream kind of summer

I love it when my sister is in town. I get to do things during the day that I feel kinda lame doing by my self...such as getting ice cream downtown. (Yeah I know I can go by myself, but I grew up the oldest of 6 kids. I'm not used to being alone. I'm not fond of it! Hehe.) Even things I do everyday are more fun with her around, like emails and editing! :) The other day we took a break from the to-do list and grabbed some ice cream in our cute little downtown area. I had the great idea to bring my camera, but apparently ice cream melts really fast or something. Who knew! Haha! It was quite amusing as we tried to take photos and hold cones with sweet, yummy ice cream dripping all over the place!

Anyway, I think I'll take advantage of her company and do a little more exploring today! I hope you all have a great weekend!