Little Darlin'

Sometimes I fall head over heels for a session. It's kind of like a love story. As I look through the photos on my camera, it's as if the images say to me, "mmmhmm, I know you can't deny that I'm adorable." Then I get to editing and bam, I'm a goner. They woo me and draw me into the loveliness. Before I know it, I'm swooning. By time I'm done I've practically said "I do" and have the proverbial ring on my finger. In this case it was the black & white images that made my fall, oh so hard. I mean seriously, can you get any more precious than this little sweetheart? Who could resist the charms of her  enchanting baby blues, that darling bow and lovely white smock? She is without a doubt the sweetest little girl I have had the pleasure of photographing.

She is blowing me a kiss!!! Be still my heart!

She loved the vase of flowers that I brought as a prop. She hardly let them go the whole time. :)

Now what could be more fun then playing in the sand as a 2 year old? Well I'm not 2 anymore, but probably not much!

Oh that bow! How I love it!

I am just dying over those last two! She is such a doll! I'm so thankful that her momma allowed me the pleasure of capturing her in her natural element. I couldn't be more in love with the memories of our play time together!

Happy Friday everyone!