Last week while I was back home I had the pleasure of meeting up with friends new and old. The lovely girl on the left is my childhood friend Christina. I hadn't seen her in such a long time. Gosh, it had probably been since high school! We met up in the cutest part of Jacksonville (in my opinion) at my favorite local restaurants. We caught up and reminisced about our embarrassing middle school memories over tomato bisque. I'm still scarred by our attempts at a Christian girl band...complete with matching outfits. Oh the horrors! Just picture 4 brace-faced middle school girls in overalls doing very poor renditions of Point of Grace songs. To this day I cannot listen to Point of Grace without cringing inside! Anyway, it was so good to catch up on where life has taken us! Christina is such a sweet girl and I'm so thankful for her friendship through the years! It's crazy that we're grown up already!

Of course we had to take a shoe shot! Christina always did have such cute shoes! Unfortunately, not even the ones I'm wearing are mine. I stole them from my sis...shhhhh...don't tell!

Isn't she so gorgeous, even with the wind blowing like crazy! Geez!

After I left Christina I met up with my new photog friend Aubrey. We became connected online somehow a few months back...probably because I really liked her work! She's actually from Kentucky and happened to be in Jax the same time I was! It was a happy coincidence indeed! :) I loved being able to chat with her! It's nice to talk about photography things that most people don't care about! Plus she's super adorable. You know the kind of person that is so cute that you want to hate them for it but can't...because they're that cute? Yeah, that's her. It's too bad the weather was a sour sport for out photo adventure. As soon as we walked a ways down the beach it started pouring. It was just grand! Ha!

Regardless of weather, I had a outstanding day with these two beauties! I am so thankful for friends...old and new! ;)

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all are having a great week!