Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I hope you all are having a wonderful time with your friends and family! I've been at home for the past few days enjoying being with my family. My hubby just has Christmas day off, so I spend a few days with my family before hand. This year we had a little Christmas celebration early. My mom even made Christmas dinner and everything. It was so good to be with them, even if my hubby couldn't be there.

Welcome to my family. This is the real us! Haha!

I love giving out my presents every year. It makes it so much more fun to have young siblings. They get so excited about opening presents. Their joy is rather contagious! This year, our family expanded since my brother got married! I love that our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Mmmm...Christmas food! I love it!


I'm so excited about all the festivities that are yet to come in the next two days! I love that I get to spend these special days with two families now! I am so thankful for them this time of year. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas.


Merry Christmas!