Then Came Autumn

You called me out of the dead of winter
And melted the ice that trapped my heart
Freedom came as winter's walls fell down
From death to life, You gave a new start
Then came spring...
Then came spring...
Lying in the green grass full of Your love
You started speaking of Your plans for me
The Word took root and began to bloom
Your beauty was all my eyes could see
Then came summer...
Then came summer...
Heat came, threatening to scorch my faith
But you planted me near the river's cool flow
Your fruit was sweet through all the toil
Ever growing, I left behind all I used to know
Then came autumn...
Then came autumn...
Beautiful colors began to surround me
The breeze refreshed my tired, weary soul
Your joy and peace filled up my heart
Never had I felt more full, more whole
Then the first leaf fell from my branches
I gasp in horror as it floated to the ground
Soon all I had worked for was dead and gone
I clutched tightly to what was left to be found
My child, this is the season for death
Your pulled me close and gently said
It is time to show you beauty in sacrifice
Please Lord please, any other way! I pled
Child the fruit that falls will soon be seeds
Deeper in the ground they will fall and stay
Until I make them grow into something new
Death for you will make much life one day
Then I looked deep into His eyes and knew
I truly longed to do His will with my last breath
So I opened up my arms freely and let it all fall
Finally, I could see the sweet beauty in death
So came autumn...
So came autumn...