Love hard, laugh hard

Someone asked me recently if being married was hard. I may be blissfully ignorant, but I said no. Sure, it has it's challenges, but it is so worth it. Jonathan and I were 22 and 21 when we got married over a year ago. We were (and still are) young, but it was very clear that the LORD was leading us together. We sought him from start and the timing was right. When the LORD leads you to the man or woman He has for you, marriage is a huge blessing not a burden. (God can certainly make a beautiful marriage out of other circumstances as well, but this is my experience.) I couldn't be happier than to wake up next to my man every morning. Often I gaze at his sleeping face and simply thank the LORD for allowing me to be his wife in this life.

That being said, I never want to take this love for granted. I hope I don't ever get used to being married to him. I don't want our love to become lax. I was never promised marriage in this life. When I was younger I wondered if God was calling me to a life of singleness, but He has chosen to give me this blessed mystery. I pray that I never cease to love my man with everything I am.

"We should love hard, and not casually, fervently, playfully and simply, never heavily or slowly. Slovenly loving makes for wearisome like a school girl with giggles and sighs and keep love alive by consciously keeping wonder and surprise at the core of it." ~ Jim Elliot

My husband is playful and for that I am glad. He keeps me laughing and smiling. If you only heard us sometimes! We are so silly! I pray we stay silly as we love hard. My hope is that we both live in wonder of this precious gift we have been given.

These lovely photos are by T2 Photography . Check them out!