How can I lift my hands in praise
And then leave them at my side?
Your hands reached out to the lowly
Yours were nailed open wide

How can I read Your Word
And not obey your commands?
You call for radical obedience
Following You has great demands

How can I proclaim I am Yours
And not live like I belong to You?
If I am Your own, Your child
Do I even look I’ve been made new?

How can I say that I follow You
And not daily take up my cross?
You are my example for living
And you said gain is found in loss

How can my heart meet Yours
And not be consumed with Fire?
If I have truly seen You Jesus
How can you not be my one desire?

How can I see the world’s needy
And not be filled with compassion?
Your heart is full of grace and mercy
Why don’t I put Your love into action?

I am so humbled before You Lord
My sins have come to view
Burn away my heart’s hypocrisy
Make me ever more like You