Intertwined | Nicaragua 2017

Before I even begin to tell you about Intertwined, I have to admit that I don't even feel worthy to write this post. I don't feel "good enough" to tell you all about what I've been working on lately. It scares me half to death to put this out into the world, because who am I? The enemy of our souls brought up so many ugly, un-Christlike parts of me this morning and for a while, I succumbed to it all. But I remembered who I am. All of those things, all of the ugly, all of the mistakes, all of the pride, insecurity, hurt, fear, anxiety and sin...all of it is true. BUT God. But God, so rich in mercy, because of His great love called me out of darkness into His light. I am His. Period. Yes, I am a messed up human being, made of dust and ashes, BUT GOD has redeemed me. I am nothing but a sinner saved by grace, and that is why I can share of what He has done today. It has nothing to do with my merit and everything to do with His grace. And honestly, all that ugly that was thrown in my face this morning, only makes me all the more humbled, grateful and passionate about sharing Intertwined with you today.

One of the most incredibly women, Ashlyn, reached out to me in January about her vision of a mission trip for photographers and creatives - something that helps see how faith and business can be intertwined, really how all of life should be intertwined around Christ. Saying you follow Jesus is one thing, but it is often hard to know how that is fleshed out in the nitty gritty of everyday life, especially professionally. I was on board immediately! I feel so much passion about this project. I long to see a shift in the creative world where more beautiful souls are empowered to be bold about their faith. I need this! Maybe you do too. 

We are creating a series of trips, in order physically take a step towards an intertwined life around Christ, get our hands dirty in service for others and let the gospel sink in deeply into our hearts. Often it just takes a first step of obedience to be the catapult for real change. We'll put faith in action and open up conversation with like-minded women about what it really looks like to live out faith in Jesus, with no area of life left untouched. We'll spend 3 days serving, asking to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of Nicaragua. For the remaining time we'll explore hands-on how to allow Christ to be the center of our heart, art and life. There will be some creative photography experiences, inspired by the Word and sessions of honest talk about things pertaining to faith and business. 

Do you want something like this? I sure do! I long to see this come to life. I feel changed just in helping put this together! My heart has been so refreshed by Ashlyn and her bold leadership. She is the real deal, gospel-hearted to the core. The truth remains that both of us have simply been changed fundamentally by the grace, love, mercy and hope of Christ. Our heart is to create an environment in which we can all grow, stretch ourselves, put feet to obedience and hopefully come back changed by the Spirit of God and equipped to live out His purpose for our lives.

I invite you to join us. I invite you to pray for us. (I know I need it!) I invite you to ask the hard questions, take action on your faith, for faith apart from works (action) is dead. Evaluate if the faith you claim and the live you live, in private and public, line up. I am doing the same things. I am choosing not to be paralyzed by fear but timidly, put my hand in His and start the climb to heights unknown...join me.


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