I view life like poetrY,

like a piece of music.


Based in South Alabama, I photograph the beauty of families and timeless portraits, from the rich history of Charleston to the grandiose Rockies.


Each life is a masterpiece worth creating and preserving with meaning and purpose. As a musician and lover of poetry, I have the gift of feeling emotions deeply and the ability translate them into tangible images. Each love has it’s own unique story, and my thoughtful, meaningful approach allows a beautiful narrative to emerge naturally. My vision for everyone I photograph is to immortalize the deep beauty of their lives, that is often hard to articulate apart from art. I want to go beyond pretty, and create heirlooms that express what is deeply meaningful to you. 

I find deep inspiration from my faith in God, the Master Artist. Everything I am originates, and is steeped deeply in Him. I love simply savoring life with my wonderful husband and adorable daughters, Eleanora and Genevieve. In every aspect, art is as much a necessity to me as breathing —  from my love of Schubert’s sonatas to creating beautiful spaces in my home. I come alive for the art of worship, making delectable French Press coffee, enjoying classic architecture, painting with my little girls and taking in the endless allure of the ocean.

My hope is that my life’s song will swell, sweeping others up into it, that we may all be lost in something bigger than ourselves.

What inspires me